How can we help

The Australian Immigration system is a vast and complicated system made up of many different types of visas. We can help you to find the one that best suits your situation.

We have the skills and experience to handle any type of enquiry, however we find that the most common enquiries and cases we handle fall within the following four schemes:


You might be interested in a family category visa if your spouse, parent, child or sibling are overseas and wish to migrate to Australia to be near their loved ones.  You can make an enquiry about these types of visas now.

Skilled Visas

You might be interested in a skilled visa if you have studied in Australia or abroad in one of the professions or trades currently on the skilled occupation list.  Click Here to view the list. You also need to demonstrate the necessary english language level and meet the points test for these visa types. Ask a question about this visa stream now.

Employer Sponsored and Nominated Visas

If you have an employer in Australia and are employed in a suitable occupation, your employer can sponsor/nominate you for a temporary visa (457) or for permanent residency. Contact us to find out if you meet the requirements for any of these visas.

Student Visas


If you are studying in Australia or want to come to study in Australia we can assist you with your application or any questions you might have. We can also assist if you already have a student visa but wish for your spouse or a dependant to join you in Australia.


Contact us here – in addition to advising and assisting with all types of visa enquiries, we also provide representation for Migration Review Tribunal and Refugee Review Tribunal matters. If you believe you have been given an unfair or incorrect decision by the Department, contact us now for a free consultation.